The Chariton Varsity football team’s season concluded with a 10-7 loss to Des Moines Christian at Des Moines Christian Friday, Oct. 22. The loss gave the Varsity Chargers a final record of 3-6.

The coach wasn’t available for comment after the game and the game stats weren’t yet available. Here are the coach’s comments and stats for the Des Moines Christian game.

“Defensively, we played really good as a team again. We gave up just one big passing play and Ryder McGee and Jayden Allen-Winston both played very well defensively. We just couldn’t sustain a drive offensively and score, similar to the last few weeks of the season, and we just have a hard time passing the football. Sam Primakov had a good game again with 100 yards rushing,” Chariton Head Coach Curt Smyser said.

Coach Smsyer also gave his take on next season, which looks good with what they have returning.

“We not fast enough. We need to continue working on our team speed. Our receivers can’t get open against man coverage and they need to work on that. We have a great group of kids coming back. We bring back seven or eight starters on both sides of the ball. On defense, we only lose Sam Jacobsen, Alex Shelton and Emmet Evans. Everyone else will be back defensively. On offense, the main loss is losing Sam Primakov, who had a great season rushing for 1,200 yards,” Coach Smyser said.

Coach Smyser also said if his team improves their team speed and with what they have coming back, they should definitely be better offensively next season.