The Chariton 8th grade girls Red team’s season got off to a successful start with a 22-10 win at Centerville Tuesday, Nov. 16. The Chariton Red team built a 16-5 lead at halftime and continued their tough defense in the second half to get the win.

Payton Snook led Chariton with 12 points to go along with eight rebounds, two assists, four steals and one block.

Bailey McGee had four points, five rebounds and three assists. Ellie Lane had four points, four rebounds and one steal. Ava Nickell had two points and one rebound.

Kennedy Carr had three rebounds. Elli Masters, Amy Yfremokova and Dianna Blidchenko had two rebounds apiece. Ava Krutsinger had one rebound and one steal. Sophia Castellon had one rebound.

“I was very happy to see how we rebounded the ball for our first game. The girls went hard and did their best. I look forward to seeing them continue to get better each week,” Chariton Head Coach Jeanna Snook said.

There was no White team game or second game against Centerville.