One of the worst things about my semi-retirement came last Wednesday afternoon when I was home glued to the television watching the storming of the U.S. Capitol. Like most of the 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump, I didn’t like the outcome and have lots of questions why an addled 78-year-old cellar-dwelling politician like Joe Biden could have gained 80 million votes.

But I had made peace with it and was (still am) looking forward to skewering him for however long he is my President, as is my First Amendment right. And I was uncomfortable with President Trump’s continued belligerence toward the outcome as legally filed and court dealt with lawsuits failed to deliver anything that would stop the Electoral College.

I didn’t listen to his speech, post Georgia election catastrophe that sent two complete idiots into the U.S. Senate, Rev. Warnock, likely a child molester as a younger man, a wife abuser and a hard core socialist and Ossoff, a 33-year-old film maker propped up by his super rich family and George Soros.

But it didn’t surprise me, particularly after Johnny Jones (a double-amputee Army bomb disposal hero and native Georgian) warned months ago that the two incumbents were extremely weak candidates and didn’t speak to Georgia values.

I’ve always wondered aloud how Americans can get off work to march in Washington, D.C. I also wondered how the liberal and anarchist mopes could afford to burn Portland, Detroit, Minneapolis and other cities throughout the spring and summer. As the crowds of “Trump” hat and stocking cap wearers gathered for last Wednesday’s march, I had the same questions.

But it was peaceful…at least until it wasn’t.

Of the estimated two million people in D.C., protesting the election of Biden and promoting free, honest and fair elections, there were still only a few hundred that actually stormed the Capitol and sent Senators and House members scurrying to safety. But that was a few hundred too many. And it is an absolute miracle that only one woman (a long-time Air Force veteran and Trump supporter) was shot to death by Capitol police. I don’t know how Capitol police didn’t fracture the skulls of any number of protesters as they took over the Capitol building.

Was what happened Wednesday any worse than the take over of federal buildings and the burning of neighborhoods all summer long by Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other liberal crazies? Was it worse than the burning and looting of a church that took place just across the street from the White House last summer? In a sense, yes. All America (unfortunately) doesn’t connect to Portland or Minneapolis. The U.S. Capitol is all of ours. And it was a terrible reflection of the United States among nations of the world. Until this summer when Democrat governors and mayors allowed BLM and Antifa to burn and loot their cities, we weren’t a Third World country. Now it appears, at least for a few hours, we were.

There are still a lot of questions needing to be answered. For instance, the Antifa guy who showed up at several rioting and looting locations this summer wearing the sort of Viking helmet and dressed as a Native American, was seemingly leading the attack on the Capitol. Why was that? And why did the mob inside the Capitol rotunda seem a lot older than the garden variety mob that burned Portland and Minneapolis? I’d love to see the profile of the people arrested.

And why, too, were Capitol police somehow taken completely off guard by this mob? Was it because they thought the Trump supporters were largely conservative and largely Republican and those kinds of people don’t riot? As much as I support cops, these people were attempting to quell the riot with their pants down around their ankles.

And finally, I’d like to know why the hypocritical and pontificating Democrat leaders are calling for all kinds of militaristic response toward the people who stormed the Capitol and want Trump hanged in the courtyard, but have been absolutely silent toward the riots and looting of government buildings, businesses and neighborhoods in cities across the U.S. led by Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

There may be a glimmer of hope in their hypocrisy, though. If they now are hyperventilating over the storming of the Capitol, they might be inclined to join conservatives and Republicans who condemned the rioting and looting last spring and summer and are today condemning what happened in the U.S. Capitol.

I scored a ticket to an eighth grade boys basketball game last week because my foster grandson plays. I will say it again, I am so fortunate as the now semi-retired newspaper guy with grandchildren playing junior and high school sports to be able to watch them in person.

But in watching the boys, it occurred to me that we’re facing a hair crisis in the form of the Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet. “Achey Brakey Heart” wasn’t the worst thing he foisted on the American public. The mullet was. And I really thought it died when the Cyrus fame flamed out. I was so wrong.

Perhaps this is jealousy speaking as one who as a junior high kid couldn’t find my way past the sheers of my grandfather (a former professional barber) and my dad (who made extra cash in the Navy on board ship cutting hair). “Take a little off the ears and leave some bangs,” I remember begging my grandfather and/or my dad. The sheers were turned on and two minutes later I had the same butch haircut I had my entire life.

Finally, in high school I got to grow my hair out a little, but it was something you’d have seen Dobbie Gillis wearing from the 50’s. Neatly trimmed, parted on one side, no hair touching my ears. Because of that I always felt I had the worst hair in my class. Fifty years later, with a still full head of hair, blond and not completely gray, I am the envy of my high school brethren. I actually have to worry about “hat hair.”

But the mullet? This is a hair style that some of my 60-something friends grow because they can’t grow anything on top. They’ve struggled with the old guy “comb over” and finally let gravity take its course, remaining bald on top with their mullets nearing their shirt collars.

A good 40 percent of the guys playing eighth grade basketball have variants of the mullet, along with some short spikey stuff on top, or straight bangs. Frankly, it’s a little frightening. If they would continue to grow their mullets and at the same time let their bangs grow, they would looking a whole lot like “Cousin Itt” of Addams Family fame and I’m pretty sure that’s not a great look for a 13-year-old.

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