In her City Manager’s report at the Chariton City Council meeting Monday, April 19, Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois announced that the new Chariton Park and Recreation Supervisor, Taylor Andrews of Osceola, will be at the next city council meeting Monday, May 3.

“He’s excited to join us,” Liegois said.

Liegois also said that there will be a city work session held after the regular city council meeting May 3.

In the city council member comments, council member Jayma Hoch asked when the contractor wanted to break ground on the Curtis Avenue housing project.

Liegois said she didn’t have a definite date on when ground would be broken, but hoped that it would be sometime this summer.

Council member Steve Fenton commented on the street sweeper in Chariton.

“The street sweeper doesn’t look like it’s doing a very good job. It’s leaving a lot of sand on the streets and it’s not picking up very good,” Fenton said.

Liegois said at the meeting that she would talk to the street department and find out what they’re doing about the street sweeper. When the newspaper contacted Liegois late this past week, she gave updated information about contacting the street department.

“I did talk to the street department. There’s a lot of salt debris and sand on the streets from this past winter. It’s going to take a few more passes through to get it all picked up,” Liegois said.