Jump in your favorite car, fire up the engine, roll down the windows, turn up the radio, and put on your biggest smile. It is time to hit the road to show your support for state parks in Iowa. The crew for Anna Rea the 1930 Ford Model A invites everybody to drive along for all or part of the day as we travel to visit Stephens State Forest, Nine Eagles State Park, Bobwhite State Park, and Red Haw State Park. Each visit will include a windshield tour and a short presentation by park staff. While the tour is emphasizing vintage or classic cars, participants can join in the fun in any vehicle of their choice.

People wanting to tour Stephens State Forest State can join us at the John Lewis Museum of Mining in Lucas on Sunday, Oct. 10, 2021 at 9:30 AM. We will be traveling on gravel roads in the forest. After touring Stephens Forest, the tour will continue on to Nine Eagles State Park. People interested in joining the tour for Nine Eagles can do so by being at the Auction Sales Parking Lot in Lamoni at 11:30 AM. We will depart Lamoni in time to arrive at Nine Eagles State Park by 12 PM.

Our next stop will be for Bobwhite State Park. We will be at the Gazebo in downtown Allerton at 1:30 PM to gather anyone wishing to drive out to Bobwhite with an expected arrival time of 2 PM.

Upon leaving the Bobwhite State Park, the tour will proceed to the East side of the Courthouse Square in Chariton, Iowa by 4:30 PM, and on to Red Haw State Park at 5 PM. It will be a fun and busy day.

Crew members are Kevin Szcodronski of Ankeny and Ann Raisch of Eldora. They will be leading the tour in an original 1930 Ford Model A affectionately named Anna Rea to visit all 94 state parks in Iowa. The crew at each park visit will be referring to the newly published book titled “Iowa State Parks – A Century of Stewardship 1920 – 2020”. You can get your copy of the book at the University of Iowa Press website, Amazon Books, and your local bookstore.

The purposes of the tour are to show support for state parks in Iowa, recognize the contributions that state parks provide to our quality of life, celebrate Iowa State Parks Centennial, and enjoy traveling along Iowa’s most scenic roadways at a leisurely pace. Our challenge to you is to drive at Anna Rea’s cruising speed of 40 mph!! This trip is also about the most fun you can have and never leave Iowa. You will visit Iowa’s most beautiful areas and meet some of our best people. Take this challenge to get a glimpse of wildlife in road ditches, have more time to enjoy barn art, wave at oncoming drivers, and beep your horn at the people along the route greeting us!! We will do a lot of smiling, and hopefully put smiles on the faces of others as we travel along the way.

People can participate in the tour for as many visits to state parks as they desire. Be warned though. Once you start, you may not want to stop! There is no fee, however please contact Kevin, skidia3@outlook.com, 515-240-7668, at least a week in advance to help us better plan the tour.

Three tour loops with 36 state park stops are being accomplished in October 2021. The remaining 4 loops and 58 parks will be scheduled for some time in 2022. More information about the tour can be found on the website: www.annareamodela.com and you can email Kevin Szcodronski by at skidia3@outlook.com or phone 515-240-7668.

So grab your keys and come along to see the best of Iowa!!

Anna Rea says, “AHOOOOGA.”