At their regular meeting Monday, Oct. 18, the Chariton City Council approved the mayor’s appointments to the City Lakes Advisory Board of Committee to oversee Lake Ellis and Lake Morris.

Chariton Mayor Denny Bisgard went over the appointments at the meeting. Each appointment was approved individually. The people appointed, the length of their term and what group they represent are as follows:

• Lyle Asell-4-year term-Group of Interest

• Tim Banasik-2-year term-City resident

• Jim Burbridge-2 year term-Chariton Water Department

• Dave Fletcher-4-year term-City resident

• Bonnie Friend-2-year term-Group of Interest

• Sheila Laing-4 year term-Resident in the Lucas County area

• Joe Oxenreider-4 year term-Group of Interest

Mike Loew will be the representative of the Chariton City Council who will attend the City Lakes Advisory Board meetings.