The Chariton City Council approved the purchase of a new sound system for the Vredenburg-Chariton Family Aquatic Center along with a bid to do the sound system project at their regular meeting Monday, Jan. 16.

Two proposals were received for the sound system, which will be able to be installed in the upcoming months before the Aquatic Center is open for the summer of 2023.

The bid the council approved to do the project was from MDL Events (Mahlon Sound) for $12,936.30. The other bid received was from Superior Electric and Data for $15,028.94.

Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois said that Chariton city staff has reviewed the two proposals for the project and recommended that MDL Events be awarded the project for the sound system at the Aquatic Center.

“Are both bids for the same sound system?” Council member Mike Loew asked before the bid was approved.

“Yes, they’re very comparable,” City Manager Liegois said in response.

Following this the council approved a motion made by Council member Jarrett McGee to go with the city staff recommendation to award the project to MDL Events (Mahlon Sound).

Liegois explains need for new sound system

Liegois stated that the FY 2023 Budget for the Vredenburg-Chariton Family Aquatic Center had $15,000 budgeted for a new sound system.

“The current system is the original system from when the Aquatic Center was built. A portion of the speakers do not work and the others are overused for the sound to carry,” Liegois said.

The Vredenburg-Chariton Family Aquatic Center was awarded $5,000 from the South Central Iowa Community Foundation for Lucas County for the sound system project. “A request to extend the grant was requested for the project to be completed in the coming months,” Liegois said.

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