In a Return to Learn plan update given at the Monday, April 12, Chariton School Board meeting, Chariton Superintendent Larry Achenbach announced that the Chariton School District will stick with its current mask mandate for now and will reassess this as time goes on until the end of the 2020-21 school year.

Both Achenbach and the school board members expressed concern that students could end up missing activities such as Prom if masks stop being required or are taken away.

“I hope it’s a goal that we can start face to face in the fall without masks,” Achenbach said.

Board member Kyle Curtis asked if everything was going well in all the school buildings in regards to Covid. The principals that were present said that yes, things were going well.

Achenbach said at the meeting that the last Covid case in the Chariton School District was two or three weeks ago. “Lucas County’s overall positivity rate as of today, April 12, was at one percent,” Achenbach said.

Chariton High School Principal Tracy Hall gave an update on prom and graduation at the meeting. Hall said that prom goers will wear a mask but will take them off for pictures during the Prom Walk in the CHS gym. The CHS prom is this Saturday, April 24.

Hall said the plan for the CHS graduation ceremony is to have students wear masks. This year’s Commencement will be held in the CHS gym like normal after holding it out at the Lucas County Fairgrounds last year due to COVID-19.

“We’ll also have the graduation ceremony broadcast live on Chariton T.V.,” Hall said.

This year Chariton High School’s Commencement will be held on Sunday, May 16, in the CHS gym.

A brief update was also given on the extension of Covid-Paid Sick Leave. “This will be a continuation of what we’ve had. For people who haven’t accessed the Covid-Paid sick leave yet, they can still do this,” Achenbach said.

FY 2020 audit update given

Board Secretary Kylie Dittmer gave an update on the fiscal year 2020 audit. Dittmer said that overall the audit went well, even though it was done virtually due to Covid. “The results were also good,” Dittmer said.

Dittmer also spoke to the board about the few audit comments that were pointed out by the auditors. These included things such as segregation of duties, outstanding checks, and dormant activity accounts.

“When these comments are given, we review them and take action to correct anything that can be corrected,” Dittmer said.