The Chariton City Council approved by resolution setting a date for a public hearting on designation of the 2021 North Ridge Urban Renewal Area and on the Urban Renewal Plan and Project at their regular meeting Monday, Aug. 16.

The hearing was set for Monday, Sept. 20, 2021.

Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois explained that HyVibrations, LLC is developing a new housing development with single-family homes and apartments. The request for the use of a TIF Rebate on infrastructure was discussed with the developer on this project.

The Rebate request would be over a 16-year period paid back to the developer for half of the infrastructure cost of the main street, sewer, water, storm sewer, and other utilities that would be considered part pf the public improvement of the project.

The City of Chariton’s Urban Renewal Plan will need to be updated and approved with use of the TIF Rebate with the City of Chariton, and the Lucas County Board of Supervisors and the Chariton Community School District.

“I have already contacted both entities to be part of meetings in September to discuss this project with them,” Liegois said.

Liegois also said that before Sept. 20 that she would be attending a Lucas County Board of Supervisors’ meeting and a Chariton School Board meeting about this project.

The City of Chariton will need to hold a public hearing on their plan update before it’s approved.