The Chariton City Council set the public hearing date to apply for a USDA grant for the Chariton Police Department at their meeting Monday, March 15. The hearing was set for Monday, April 5, at 5 p.m. at Chariton City Hall.

Due to the nature of the USDA grant, a public hearing is required for the grant application. During the public hearing, the public can ask any questions or make any comments they have about the grant.

Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois explained that the Chariton Police Department has an opportunity to apply for a USDA grant that could assist with 75 percent of the cost of the purchase of a new police vehicle.

“The police department is looking for a Dodge Durango vehicle. That’s what the city budgeted for,” Liegois said.

Along with 75 percent of the cost of the vehicle, the USDA grant would also cover 75 percent of the cost of laptops for all the Chariton police vehicles.

“The city had budgeted for a laptop computer system for each of the police vehicles. It has been confirmed that we can add the laptop computer systems to the grant for all the old police vehicles and the new vehicle that will be purchased,” Liegois said.

Council reviews claims, financial reports

During the review of the city’s claims, Liegois said that overall, the City of Chariton had an eight percent increase in their insurance, which includes coverage for the city and the Chariton Water Department.

“The national average for insurance increase is 10-11 percent and we were below that. We should be proud of that,” Liegois said.

The City of Chariton’s additional expense for insurance for the year is $10,200. This amount includes coverage for the city lakes, Lake Ellis and Lake Morris, along with the addition of the playground at Halferty Park.

No council members had any questions about the claims this time. Following Liegois’ comments about the city’s insurance, the council approved to pay the bills or claims.

The council also briefly reviewed and approved the February financial reports.