At their regular monthly meeting in October, the Chariton Water Board approved SRF pay disbursement #14 for $15,907.60 to McClure Engineering of Clive for the city water main replacement project.

The board also held discussion and took action on consideration of bids for Phase I of the 2021 Water Main Replacement Project.

Chariton Water Superintendent Brad Robbins said that they opened bids on Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 6, 2021, and that no contractors were present, just McClure Engineering and Robbins.

“We can’t approve a bid tonight because we’re still waiting for some right of way information. We need to either come back on Oct. 25 for a few minutes to accept a bid or on Nov. 8,” Robbins said.

“I’d prefer to not have anyone digging for the project this late in the year. It’s almost guaranteeing a winter mess if they start this year. I don’t think it’s a huge deal either way to come back on Oct. 25 or Nov. 8,” Robbins said.

Following the discussion, it was decided to postpone the letting of bids for Phase I of the water main replacement project until the Nov. 8, 2021 meeting, which is the next regularly scheduled water board meeting.

Production differential update given, Burbridge appointed to Lakes Advisory Committee

Robbins also gave an update on production differential and said the production differential for September was 16.45 percent, which is up slightly from the previous month’s total of 14.69 percent.

“The production differential is up a little bit but the water loss amount is about identical to the amount of the month before of 40,000 gallons,” Robbins said.

The board didn’t have any questions this time about the production differential.

The board approved the appointment of Water Board member Jim Burbridge as the Chariton Water Department’s representative to the City Lakes Advisory Board or Committee for Lake Ellis and Lake Morris. Burbridge will be one of seven board members on the Lakes Advisory Committee.

The board also held a short discussion on the Midwest Wheel Companies’ proposal for water service for a property they’re buying to set up a new business in Chariton. Jerry Bender, a representative of Midwest Wheel Companies, was at the Oct. 4 Chariton City Council meeting to give a presentation on the company’s plans to purchase the property located at 21485 495th Lane across and down the road from the Hy-Vee freezer plant to put up a new company location.

During the presentation, Bender also asked the council for permission to connect the building to the City of Chariton’s sewer system. After the discussion, the council approved to grant the connection to the city’s sewer system for a $10,000 connection fee, pending resolution of the question of possibly connecting to the city’s water system.

Robbins told the board that this topic was for informational purposes only. He also told the board that Midwest Wheel Companies was buying the building across from the Hy-Vee Freezer plant.

Robbins explained to the board that the property Midwest Wheel is buying is in Rathbun service territory and that as a result the Chariton Water Department cannot serve water in this area. The City of Chariton will move forward with allowing them to connect to the city’s sewer system.

“We’re getting another business in town. That’s what I’m happiest about,” Board Chairman Evelyn Hull said.