At their meeting Feb. 1, the Chariton City Council approved at the mayor’s recommendation the appointment of Florence Heacock to the Chariton Historic Preservation Commission. Heacock is the office manager of the Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street office.

Heacock was appointed to fill the seat of Jerry Taylor, who resigned in 2020. The term for this seat ends in February 2022 and when the term is up, Heacock said that she plans to sign up for a full-three year team on the Commission.

“Florence had lots of questions for me, but she’s eager to get on it,” Chariton Mayor Denny Bisgard said of Heacock’s appointment to the Historic Preservation Commission.

Claims reviewed and approved

The council also did their review of claims. Council member Jayma Hoch had several questions including about a general fund towing cost of $125 from Hamilton Towing. “What was that for?” Hoch asked.

Chariton Police Chief Tyler Ruble and Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois said that cost was for a Chariton Police car that needed to have a radiator replaced.

Hoch also asked about an equipment repair cost of $4,672.96 from Inland Truck Parts and Service. Liegois said this cost was for transmission parts for a dump truck.

Hoch asked about a cost for CPO School of $300 from the Iowa Park and Recreation Association and what that wad for. Liegois said that cost was for pool certification for chemicals for the Chariton swimming pool.

Hoch also asked about a general fund cost of $917.40 for loader parts from Ziegler Cat. Liegois said this cost was used on the cutting edge for the bucket of the wheel loader that’s used for snow removal.

Hoch asked about a cost under airport expenses for airport door installation for $711 from Andy Peterson. “Is the correct cost here $750 or $711?” Hoch asked.

The City Clerk said the correct cost was the listed cost of $711. This cost was used to install two new doors at the Chariton Municipal Airport.

Following the questions, the council approved the claims.