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Mary Alice Logsdon proudly holds her Lifetime Achievement Award for her 50 years of employment with Johnson Machine Works.

Mary Alice Logsdon was recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award for her 50 years of service at Johnson Machine Works. Johnson’s is quoted as saying: “Johnson Machine Works is proud to have Mary Alice Logsdon as an employee. She has completed 50 years and she is still going!

Mary Alice started on April 5th, 1971. She had recently moved to Chariton from Centerville, and Johnson’s was able to put her to work filing and running blueprints for the draftsmen and shop at $1.75 an hour. Over time, she progressed into other roles including calculating weights and job costs and working in project management assisting in making sure projects would run smoothly and were priced accurately.

“Mary Alice’s work history is a testament to her hard work and dedication. She is such a valued employee as she comes to work every day, is productive, and does whatever tasks she is asked to do. One of the reasons she has fit into Johnson Machine Works so well is that she loves to solve problems. She has an uncanny ability to stick with a problem long after others have given up. Another strong trait of Mary Alice is her adaptability. She not only takes to new technologies, but she embraces them. We can assure you that Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook did not exist in 1971, yet she has adapted to all the changes that have been thrown at her over the years and has become quite proficient with them.

“Finally, if Mary Alice EVER knew your birthdate or your anniversary date, you can be sure that she will wish you a ‘happy birthday’ or ‘anniversary’ when it comes around, as she will remember it. It’s kind of ‘her thing.’ Therefore, Johnson Machine Works would like to thank Mary Alice for her half-century of service in front of the whole community and encourage her to continue working on the next 50!