Best Kept Secret Award-the Hulls.tif

Ed and Evelyn Hull display their Best Kept Secret Award for going above and beyond to help their community in many little ways.

Sarah Peterson said she was honored to present the Best-Kept Secret Award to Ed and Evelyn Hull. She noted that whatever the assignment, Ed and Evelyn would go above and beyond what was required and would look for ways to add value.

A prime example is their devotion to caring for the planters and public gardens that make Chariton a more beautiful place. Evelyn is a certified Master Gardener, and both Ed and Evelyn spend hot summer evenings hauling jugs of water to the planters on the Square and pulling weeds from the Post Office garden.

The Hulls are always willing to pitch in, without being asked to, to make an event successful or to make someone else’s job a little easier. The Charitone apartments are blessed to have the Hulls. One resident said, “If there was something on the roof of the Charitone, they’d go get it for you.”

Peterson remarked that some people leave their mark on a community in big ways by donating money for a building or serving in public office, for instance. Those things are important.

However, others make their mark in a million little ways by looking in on elderly residents and driving them to doctor appointments, picking up trash after an event, or brightening their little corner of the world with flowers.

Evelyn and Ed never seek out attention for all the time and effort they devote to making Chariton a nicer place to live, but they are more than deserving of the honor of the Best-Kept Secret Award!