Watkins family-All In the Family Award.tif

Christopher Watkins (center) and his family receive the All-In the Family Award at the Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street’s Annual celebration Friday, June 11. Pictured in front is daughter Grace. At the back left is Christopher’s wife Rachel and at the back right is their son Jesse.

It’s hard to believe that it has been only 11 years since Christopher Watkins and his family have been making an impact on Chariton! The amount of time and care that they have put into the community over the last decade is immeasurable.

Christopher is an insurance agent with KTA Insurance and is the executive director of the Lucas County Development Corporation. Additionally, he is a coach for the CCSD and traveling volleyball teams, a pillar in making the great Hotel Charitone into what we know it to be today, and he continues to serve as a board member of the Hotel Charitone LLC, the Lucas County Preservation Alliance, the Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street, Rotary, and the Chariton Boosters Club.

As much as he has made volunteer work a part of his life, it is also a big part of his family’s life. The moment the Schoenig-Watkins family became Charitonians, they all became involved in order to play a role in the community.

Rachel is dedicated to the Boosters and coaching volleyball. The children are involved in sports, school clubs, and leadership positions.

Furthermore, to take it all to another level, the entire family committed to investing in our downtown district by purchasing the building next to the Chamber. They renovated it and now call the apartment their full-time home.

This family truly knows what it means to believe in Chariton and to encourage others to see the same possibilities! They truly deserve to receive the All-In-The-Family Award!