Thee Lucas County Health Center Hospital Board of Trustees’ approved a whopping 49 medical staff reappointments at their monthly meeting Tuesday, June 29, which is far more than usual.

The reappointments took up most of the first page of the board meeting agenda and about 1/3 of the second page. There were 50 reappointments listed but one name, that of Christina Blake, ARNP, was listed twice.

The reappointments approved were as follows: Ken Anderson, DO, Greg Cohen, DO, Peter Hoftiezer, DO, Philip Sundquist, MD, Michael Thompson, DO, Ryan Williams, MD, Christina Blake, ARNP, Megan Bohlender, PA-C, Elizabeth Cain, ARNP, Rodney Clark, ARNP, Steven Eck, CRNA, Chad Enich, PA-C.

Also, Cory Fausch, PA-C, Michelle Fischer-Short, ARNP, Brandon Fontenot, CRNA, Darci Fuller, ARNP, Aaron Glenn, ARNP, Craig Hoffman, PA-C, Allison Krutsinger, PA-C, Constance Morrison, ARNP, Chris Osier, PA-C, Amy Poncelow, PA-C, Kevin Prater, PA-C, Katelyn Quick, PA-C, Lacy Rowan, ARNP.

Also, Shayla Sanders, ARNP, Sharon Squibb, CNM, Jeff Swan, PA-C, Kayla Wallace, ARNP, David Wonnell, PA-C, Martin Aronow, DO, Daniel Dodge, DO, Amerlon Enriquez, MD, Caitlin Halverson, MD, Larry Heller, MD, Benjamin Hoch, MD, Sara Kilborn, MD, Ian Lin, MD, Tiffani Milless, MD.

Also, Stephanie Pothoven, DO, Robert Shreck, MD, Todd Troll, MD, Eric Muhm, DPM John Bukaty, DO, Jenny Butler, MD, Gary Morsch, MD, Atul Sheth, MD, Minh Hoang, MD, and Michael Wilczynski, DO.

Along with the medical staff reappointments, four medical staff appointments were approved as well. The appointments approved were as follows: Brian Dumstorff, CRNA, Katrina Lock, ARNP (DWC Provider), Heidi Bradley, ARNP (Telehealth Provider), and Byron Johnson, MD (Telerad Provider).