The Chariton City Council discussed and took action on three regulations that were presented for the Chariton City Lakes, Lake Ellis and Lake Morris, at their meeting Monday, March 15.

“As the City of Chariton has taken on the responsibility of overseeing the City Lakes, we have discussed several issues of concern regarding the Chariton Police Department and enforcement. We know that there are several situations that may occur and if the City of Chariton doesn’t have the city code updated, our officers will not be able to address the issue with enforcement,” Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois said.

Both Chariton Police Chief Tyler Ruble and Iowa DNR officer Kyle Jensen have discussed the three regulations that were presented for discussion and action regarding the City Lakes.

The regulations are as follows:

1. Electric (trolling) Motors Only: Due to the depth of the lakes and wildlife at the lake area, it is recommended for electric motors only.

2. No Target Shooting: Target shooting has been an issue at the City Lakes property. This includes not only the safety of others at the Lakes, but the debris and items left behind from those who are practicing at the lake area.

3. Vehicles Are Only Allowed on Roadways and Parking Areas: Too many vehicles are driving in areas that should not be driven on. The areas that are currently available, or if future roads are built, should be marked with signage for driving. ATVs’ could still be on the ice for ice fishing season, which abides with a State of Iowa/DNR law.

It was stated that DNR officer Kyle Jensen recommended the first regulation on having electric motors only on the lakes. It as also stated that Jensen agreed with regulation number two on having no target shooting on the City Lakes property.

“Police Chief Ruble said we’d all probably agree to all three regulations, we just need to get them in writing. We’re not trying to over regulate the lakes’ property, we just want people to be good citizens,” Chariton Mayor Denny Bisgard said.

City Manager Liegois said there is a need to add some small reminder signs that blend in and are noticeable at the lakes.

Following the discussion, the council approved a motion Mayor Bisgard made to approve the three regulations that were presented regarding the City Lakes and to move forward with putting them into an ordinance. The Chariton city staff with work with Chariton City Attorney Verle Norris on getting the three regulations into the right ordinance.

“We want to make sure that our police officers are able to enforce these three regulations and if a situation would occur where they would need to enforce one of them that they’re in the city code,” City Manager Liegois said after the meeting.