The Chariton City Council held discussion on and later approved an engineering agreement with HLW Engineering Group of Story City, Iowa, for necessary repairs to be done on the Landfill cap at the closed Lucas-Monroe County landfill at the Feb. 1 council meeting.

Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois explained that the City of Chariton maintains the responsibility of the closed Lucas-Monroe County Landfill. “This facility is no longer open for use of land filling of waste and is reaching closure to the 30 years post closure permit requirement of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR),” Liegois said.

According to a letter from HLW Engineering Group to the City of Chariton, “the landfill cap repairs are being proposed to document compliance with IDNR regulations in moving toward consideration of the IDNR granting an Environmental Covenant to the Lucas-Monroe Sanitary Landfill (SLF). If an Environmental Covenant is granted, then future monitoring required by the IDNR may be significantly reduced.”

To ensure that the landfill meets the requirements of the Iowa DNR for the Environmental Covenant of post closure requirements, there are several items that need to be done. One item is several areas of repair that are needed on the closed cap, which is the top of the landfill.

According to the letter from HLW Engineering to the City of Chariton, the repairs will include the installation of two gas venting trenches with vertical vent pipes, the installation of a terrace tile to drain the existing terrace system, adding rock to areas of leachate seepage to limit wildlife damage to these areas, and miscellaneous associated work.

A Construction Certification Report and Record Drawings documenting the work will be submitted to the IDNR upon completion for review and approval.

Doug Luzbetak of HLW Engineering Group participated in the meeting on-line and spoke some about the project and was available to answer any questions about it.

“It sounds like some of the maintenance needed out there didn’t happen in the past year,” commented Chariton Mayor Denny Bisgard about the landfill.

Luzbetak and Liegois said that the items that need to be done out at the landfill go well beyond the past year. Liegois said the repairs that need to be done have developed over a period of time and need to be addressed now.

HLW Engineering group is the city’s engineer of record for the Lucas-Monroe County Landfill. “To ensure that we meet the requirements of repairs and long-term environmental protection of the site, I recommend we have HLW Engineering do the plan specifications for the work to be done for the project. Their agreement includes design, bidding of project, construction administration, and construction staking with the amount not to exceed $18,700,” Liegois said during the discussion.

The Landfill budget for Fiscal Year 2021 has $100,000 in the budget for engineering and repair work for the landfill cap project.

“Is $100,000 enough for this project?” Mayor Bisgard asked.

“Yes, $100,000 should cover it,” Luzbetak said in response.

Following this, the city council approved a motion to approve the engineering agreement with HLW Engineering for the closed Lucas-Monroe County Landfill cap repairs.