Vredenburg Center put up for sale

Pictured is the Vredenburg Center building at 1711 Osceola Ave. in Chariton. The Lucas County Health Center Hospital Board of Trustees approved to market the building for sale at their monthly meeting June 30. (Bill Howes photo)

The Lucas County Health Center Hospital Board of Trustees had a lengthy discussion about the Vredenburg Center at 1711 Osceola Ave. in Chariton at their monthly board meeting Tuesday, June 30.

Following the discussion, the board unanimously approved a motion to allow LCHC CEO Brian Sims to move forward to contact a commercial realtor to market the Vredenburg Center for sale.

The hospital has been solely responsible for the Vredenburg Center for about 20 years. The LCHC Foundation bought the Vredenburg Center in December 2000 and the Foundation transferred the Vredenburg Center to LCHC itself in November 2008.

One main reason the Vredenburg Center is being put up for sale is because of the negative effect it has on LCHC’s cost report and bottom line.

“If the expenses exceed the revenue that’s collected over at the Vredenburg Center, then that expense money comes out of the hospital’s financial bottom line and affects our cost report,” Sims said.

Another reason the building is being put up for sale is that over the past few years local entities such as the City of Chariton, the county board of supervisors, and the Chariton School District weren’t interested in participating in a 28E Agreement in which each of the entities would jointly manage the facility and be responsible for it. The hospital would still have been involved in the management of it as well.

“If the Vredenburg Center had been transferred to a 28E Agreement, then it would no longer be on our books and the hospital would no longer incur the cost of the center facility. The 28E organization would instead incur the cost. But the city, county, and school district each said that they didn’t want to pursue taking part in a 28E Agreement and I don’t blame them for that,” Sims said.

One main reason the city and county didn’t want to take part in a 28E Agreement to manage the Vredenburg Center is that they were primarily concerned with taking care of the city and county and the cost of doing those things. They also didn’t want to have to add on the cost and responsibility of managing the Vredenburg Center.

Read the July 7, 2020 edition of the Chariton Leader/Herald-Patriot for the rest of the story.

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