Here are the total unofficial election results from Lucas County from some of the main races Tuesday night. These include all seven precincts in the county plus the absentee ballots. See full story on the election results in next Tuesday's paper.

For U.S. Senate

Chuck Grassley-Republican-2,512

Mike Franken-Democrat-937

There were 10 write-in votes.

For Iowa Governor

Kim Reynolds-Republican-2,598

Deidre DeJear-Democrat-782

Rick Stewart-Libertarian-68

There were four write-in votes.

For U.S. Representative DIstrict 3

CIndy Axne-Democrat-995

Zach Nunn-Republican-2,416

There were five write-in votes.

For Iowa Secretary of State

Joel Miller-Democrat-836

Paul D. Pate-Republican-2,582

There were zero write-in votes.

For Iowa State Auditor

Rob Sand-Democrat-1,219

Todd Halbur-Republican-2,179

There was one write-in vote,

For Iowa State Treasurer

Michael Fitzgerald-Democrat-1,143

Roby Smith-Republican-2,264

There was one write-in vote.

For Iowa Attorney General

Tom Miller-Democrat-1,191

Brenna Bird-Republican-2,205

There was one write-in vote.

For Iowa Secretary of Agriculture

John Norwood-Democrat-768

Mike Naig-Republican-2,611

There was one write-in vote.

For Constitutional Amendment 1-Right to Keep and Bear Arms ballot issue. It's also called Public Measure 1



Local unopposed candidates

For State Representative District 24

Joel Fry-Republican-2,838

There were 40 write-in votes.

For Lucas County Board of Supervisors

Larry Davis-Republican-2,938

There were 44 write-in votes.

For Lucas County Treasurer

Hanna Gwinn-Republican-3,041

There were 30 write-in votes.

For Lucas County Recorder

Becca Bittner-Republican-3,021