At their first meeting of the New Year Jan. 4, the Lucas County Board of Supervisors approved the following re-appointments to the Pioneer Cemetery Commission. They are as follows:

Michael Goben, Mary R. Pierschbacher and Ron Ruddell, all of Chariton.

The Pioneer Cemetery Commission consists of nine members and the other members are as follows: James B. Dixson Jr. of Lucas, Carolyn Elam of Chariton, Ron Christensen of Chariton, Don Holmes of Chariton, Linda Jurgens of Chariton, and Warren Wallace of Chariton.

In his Veteran’s Affairs report, Lucas County Veterans Affairs Executive Director Dave Amos announced that the month of January marks the 30th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm, which began in January 1991. Operation Desert Storm is also known as the Gulf War and is where the country of Kuwait was liberated from Iraqi forces occupying it.

Amos also said that information would be sent out in the mail about the 30th anniversary of Desert Storm.

McGee gives Main Street report

Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street Executive Director Alicia McGee gave an update on Main Street events.

McGee said that they’re prepping for the Chamber/ Main Street budget for the 2021-22 Fiscal Year. “We will start working on the budget in March and it will come out in July,” McGee said.

McGee also said that Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street is working on the Downtown Square Sidewalk Improvement Project with the City of Chariton. “We have done some fundraising for the project and we’re trying to get some grants as well,” McGee said.

“We appreciate you coming over here to our meeting,” Supervisor Cathy Reece told McGee after her report.

Financial reports approved

The monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly financial reports were given and approved. The Lucas County Veterans Affairs expenses for December totaled $1,219.60.

The county sheriff’s bi-monthly expenses for the period of Dec. 17, 2020, through Jan. 4, 2021, totaled $4,985.80. Included in this amount was an expense for $1,597.45 for motor vehicle fuel and supplies from the City of Chariton. There was also an expense of $1,254.71 for lights from Alliant Energy.

The Lucas County Sheriff’s Quarterly report for the period of Oct. 1, 2020, through Dec. 31, 2020, was also given and approved.

The sheriff’s beginning running balance for this period was $200. His credits (deposits) for this period totaled $73,248.41 and his debits (withdraws) totaled $71,551.31. His ending running balance for the period was $1,897.10.

The county’s claims for the period of Dec. 17, 2020-Jan. 4, 2021, were given and approved and totaled $106,167.25.

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