The Chariton School Board discussed considering adding teachers for virtual learning for Fiscal Year 2021-22 at a special meeting they held Tuesday, May 18.

It was Superintendent Larry Achenbach’s recommendation to add teachers for Virtual Learning for 2021-22 if they are needed.

“What kind of credentials would they have to have for that position?” Board member Kyle Curtis asked.

“I think they would have to have a teaching license,” Superintendent Achenbach said.

Board member Jamie Aulwes commented that he hopes there’s some direction from the State on the topic of hiring teachers for Virtual Learning.

Following the discussion, the board decided to table the topic of adding teachers for virtual learning for future conversation.

Proposal for HVAC replacement at Community Center approved

The board approved a proposal from Excel for HVAC replacement at the Chariton Community Center conference rooms. The total cost of the proposal is $49,900 plus tax.

The district is going to do some research to see if the cost for this proposal can come out of COVID funds received by the Chariton school district. If it can the district will present it to the State for approval. If it can’t come out of COVID funds, then it will come out of PPEL (Physical Plant Equipment Levy) funds.

The board also held a discussion on whether to accept DLR’s Request for Proposal for the Chariton Middle School Construction project or to come up with a plan of action to move forward.

“Do we want to go with DLR or not?” Superintendent Larry Achenbach asked the board.

“They (DLR) don’t know what the problem at the middle school is or how to fix it,” Board President Dusty Cain said.

Cain also said that architects won’t be able to determine the problem at the middle school.

“We have to hire a company to figure out what the problem is at the middle school. Then we would hire an architect to draw up the fix,” Cain said.

Following the discussion, the board approved a motion to request bids to diagnose the construction issue at Chariton Middle School. Then the board will decide what route to take of whether to hire an architectural firm or a project management firm for the middle school project.

It was also stated that there will be a work session held at the regular school board meeting in June about the 5-year plan for buildings and grounds in the Chariton School District.

Return to Learn update

In a brief Return to Learn update, the mask mandate was removed for the Chariton School District effective Monday, May 17. Masks are no longer required, but they’re recommended.