The Chariton City Council discussed the Chariton Fireworks Ordinance at their regular meeting Monday, Sept. 20.

Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois explained that the discussion on the current City of Chariton Fireworks Ordinance was discussed earlier this summer. Chariton City staff created a survey for the public to voice their viewpoints during the month of August and early September on the current fireworks ordinance.

The survey was made available on the City of Chariton’s website and was shared on social media.

Liegois said they had a total of 275 people participate in the survey. There were multiple choice, fill in, and yes/no answers to the survey. Comments were sent in to the Chariton City Council directly for review. The following numbers of survey takers were for the following questions.

1. Do you participate in purchasing and lighting fireworks? To this question, 121 people answered yes and 153 people answered no.

2. Which of these scenarios seem reasonable for the City of Chariton?

a. Keep current days for the fireworks of July 4 and New Year’s. A total of 50 people said yes to these dates.

b. July 3, 4, 5 and New Year’s.-85 people said yes to these dates.

c. July 2,3 and 4 and New Year’s. -72 people said yes to these dates.

d. Weekend prior to the Fourth of July, the Fourth of July and New Year’s.-47 people said yes to these dates.

e. Do not allow fireworks at all in the city limits of Chariton.-89 people said yes to this statement.

Liegois said the Chariton Police Department had 22 calls/reports on fireworks from June 1-Aug. 31, 2021.

“Not all calls were generated by residents. Several reports were generated by the Chariton Police Department. The Chariton Volunteer Fire Department did handle two calls because of fireworks,” Liegois said.

During the discussion held there was talk about debris from fireworks in in the streets and yards of Chariton and the mess this creates. There was also a mention of personal responsibility and that people need to pick up their own fireworks after they’re done with them.

“What we have in place now does work. It allows people to enjoy those two days of July 4 and New Year’s,” Liegois said.

“It puts less strain on the police department if we allow a couple more days for fireworks. It will happen no matter what,” Council member Mike Loew said.

Council member Roger Manser suggested leaving the Fireworks ordinance the way it is but to make amendments to the burn ban.

Following the discussion, the council approved a motion for Chariton City Attorney Verle Norris to bring back an amendment to the current Chariton Fireworks Ordinance that would add that fireworks would not be allowed if there was a county wide burn ban.

The city will also amend its fire pit ordinance in case there’s a county wide burn ban.