Chariton Water Superintendent Brad Robbins gave an update on production differential at the monthly Water Board meeting Monday, April 12.

Robbins reported that the production differential for March was at 25.58 percent, which is down slightly from February’s amount of 27.39 percent.

Production differential is figured by subtracting the total number of gallons of water sold each month from the total number of gallons pumped into the system each month.

Robbins said that Chariton’s water usage is much higher in the summer than in the winter. He also expects the production differential to go down in the summer months because of more water being sold.

Robbins informed the board that on Monday, April 12, there was a water main break in the alley between Sixth Street and Seventh Street in the Lucas Avenue area in Chariton.

The board approved SRF (State Revolving Fund) payment #9 of $16,415 to McClure Engineering of Clive for the city water main replacement project.

In his superintendent’s report, Robbins said that McClure Engineering said that the city water main replacement project will be started this year.

Robbins tells board about Servline

Robbins also told the board about Servline, which is a water leak and water line insurance program. He said that Servline contacted him and that they have two types of programs including a water leak inside the house program and a water line protection program which covers the water line from the street to one’s house.

Following the discussion, Robbins told the board that he will see if he can set up a conference call with a woman from Servline for next month’s water board meeting.

She will talk about the two programs they have and what the cost of them is and what they cover and what they don’t cover,” Robbins said.

The board approved the Waterworks’ audit for the year ending June 30, 2020. Each board member said they had looked over the audit and didn’t have any questions about it.

Discussion and possible action on reopening the Chariton Water Office again to the public was once again tabled until next month because the full board was not present at the meeting. One board member, Thelma Saxton, was absent.

The board also decided to postpone discussion and possible action on Gworks front desk software upgrade for the Chariton Water Office until next month’s meeting when they have a full board present.

No one wished to speak during the public input section of the meeting.

The monthly report of operations for March was given and approved and the Chariton Waterworks was in the black for both the month and the year to date.

For March, the Waterworks’ revenue was $236,814.85 and its expenses were $203,854.69, for a positive variance of $32,960.16. For the year to date, the Waterworks’ revenue was $2,521,103.06 and its expenses were $1,962,499.48, for a positive variance of $558,603.58.