At their recent meeting, the Chariton City Council approved the purchase of a new truck for the Chariton Street Department.

The purchase the council approved was for a 2020 Ford F-150 4 x 4 Crew from Chariton Ford, which had an initial cost of $32,900. This truck and the initial cost for it does not include any additional extra items such as running boards, an outside light kit, mud flaps, and bed liner.

The other bid received was for a 2021 Silverado 1500 from Karl Chevrolet of Ankeny for a total cost of $32,655. This truck and the total cost does include extra items such as running boards, an outside light kit, mud flaps, and bed liner.

After the previous city council meeting, the Chariton City staff had been requested to follow up on the expense of the added extra items that came with the 2021 Chevrolet Silverado, but that did not come with the 2020 Ford F-150 which would have to be added on to it.

The city staff did contact Truck Equipment, Inc. for a quote for the items that were included with the Silverado truck including the outside light kit, running boards, mud flaps, and bed liner. The cost of the additional items added on to the Ford truck if it was purchased would be $3,997, making the grand total cost of the 2020 Ford 150 truck $36,897.

The council approved the bid for the 2020 Ford F-150 from Chariton Ford by a 3-2 vote. Chariton Mayor Denny Bisgard and council members Jayma Hoch and Michael Loew voted yes in favor of the Ford and council members Roger Manser and Steve Fenton voted no.

Manser voted no because of the cost difference in the two vehicles. “Normally, I’m in favor of buying local, but not here,” Manser said in the discussion before the Ford F- 150 was approved.

Fenton voted against the Ford F-150 because the Chevrolet Silverado was a year newer and because there was a $4,000 difference in cost with the extra items to be added on to the Ford F-150.

“If the cost difference were under $1,000 I’d consider it,” Fenton said.

“I still favor buying from a local place. We would do the maintenance on the Ford truck here,” Council member Loew said during the discussion.

Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois said that there is $43,000 budgeted for the new street department truck purchase in the city budget. She also said during the discussion that the city staff reviewed the two bids and recommended based on the bids for the bid to be awarded to Karl Chevrolet.

“If the council wants to buy local, that’s fine. There’s just a difference in costs. It’s up to you what you want to do,” Liegois said to the council during the discussion.

Most of the extra items for the Ford truck will be put on in house except for the bed liner, which will have to be put on someplace else.

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