The Chariton Community School Board approved the SIAC (School Improvement Advisory Committee) members for 2021-22 at their regular monthly meeting Monday, Sept. 13.

The following individuals have agreed to serve on the School Improvement Advisory Committee for the 2021-22 school year: Karna Alexander, Ed Cawley, Marcia Fenton, Brooke Howell, Sonya Wallace and Christopher Watkins.

The board approved the aforementioned people to serve on the SIAC Committee for 2021-22, and it was stated that the committee could use additional members as well.

Contracts/resignations approved

The board approved a contract for Sam Bregar to be a part-time Associate at Chariton Middle School. They also approved a contract for Jenny Elgin Clark to be a part-time Associate at Chariton High School.

The board approved a contract for Chad Lynch to be the Chariton 9th grade boys basketball coach. They also approved a contract for Kylie Bengtson to be the Chariton 7th grade girls basketball coach.

The board also approved various athletic officials’ contracts.

The board approved one resignation from Megan Loynachan as a part-time Associate at the high school.

The secretary’s report and bills were approved as well.

November school board meeting will be Nov. 15

The school board approved moving the date of the regular November school board meeting from Monday, Nov. 8 to Monday, Nov. 15, because the final election canvas from the Nov. 2 school board election will not be completed by Nov. 8. So in order to avoid a special meeting, the board decided to move it back a week.