The South Central Iowa Community Foundation Lucas County board recently presented two proactive grants worth $11,000.

The city of Russell received $10,000 for heating and cooling updates at the Russell Community Center.

The Lucas County Inter-Church Council received $1,000 from the Lucas County Poverty Endowment to be used for their greatest needs.

According to Stacy Stephens, grants manager and administrative assistant with South Central Iowa Community Fund, a proactive grant is a grant that is given out to an organization that did not apply for it.

Sometimes SCICF is made aware of projects or groups that would qualify for grants and that the board feels are worth supporting and they can provide them grants depending on how much money they have available.

The main source of funding for SCICF is gaming revenue from the state of Iowa but the organization can also receive direct donations from people and set up endowments to be used as the donor directs.

According to Stephens, the Lucas County Poverty Endowment, which funded the grant to the Lucas County Inter-Church Council, is such an endowment.

Members of the SCICF Lucas County Board are Adam Bahr, Jodi Briggs, David Hobbs, Ray Thurlby and Jim Wright.