The Chariton Water Board held a special meeting Monday evening, July 20, to discuss Lake Ellis and Lake Morris, also known as the East Lakes, and when to turn the two lakes and the property at the lakes over to the City of Chariton.

The meeting lasted 20-25 minutes and one person, Lowell Wiele, was in the audience. Wiele is on the Lucas County Conservation Board.

Following the discussion, the water board approved to have the City of Chariton’s Attorney Verle Norris, draw up an agreement regarding turning the lakes and their property over to the City of Chariton.

After the agreement is drawn up, the Chariton Water Board’s Attorney, Brent L. Hinders of Des Moines, will go over the agreement and make sure it’s what the water board is requesting.

If the agreement meets their expectations, then the Water Board will turn over the lakes and all the property there over to the City of Chariton.

Read the July 28, 2020 edition of the Chariton Leader/Herald-Patriot for the rest of the story.

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