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Kylie Bengtson

Chariton High School Principal Tracy Hall gave an update on filling the science teaching position at CHS at the last school board meeting Tuesday, June 15.

Hall announced that Chariton native Kylie Bengtson will be the new science teacher at CHS. Bengtson grew up in Chariton and is a 2013 graduate of Chariton High School. She is the daughter of Mike and Kris Bengtson of Chariton. Kylie is also currently the JV2 softball coach at CHS.

Bengtson attended college at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and graduated from there.

“Any teachers are hard to find. I talked to Kylie about the position. She has a teaching license in Alabama. When she gets her license in Iowa completed, she’ll teach here. Kylie has accepted the position and I’m excited that she did,” Hall said.

Update given on sharing agreement with Melcher-Dallas

An update was given on the sharing agreement the Chariton School District has with the Melcher-Dallas School District for the services of Corey Johnson, the Director of Plant Operations and Transportation. There’s currently a 70-30 sharing agreement in place where Johnson spends 70 percent of his time working for Chariton and 30 percent of it working for Melcher-Dallas.

“Melcher-Dallas talked about increasing the agreement to 50-50. My plan is to call them and say we won’t be increasing the agreement with Corey from 70-30. He’s busy enough right now,” Superintendent Larry Achenbach said at the meeting.

The board asked Johnson, who was at the meeting, about his thoughts on possibly increasing the agreement. “Keeping my head above water has been hard to do with all the responsibilities we have here,” Johnson said.

The board decided that they would like to discuss the sharing agreement with Melcher-Dallas involving Johnson’s services at the regular July school board meeting and talk about whether or not they would like to continue the sharing agreement.

Following the regular meeting, the school board went into closed session to do an employee evaluation.