Chariton Archery had a busy week, traveling to Leon on Thursday, Feb. 13 for a 3D dual. The Chariton High School team got 1st place with a score of 1,581. Archers on the team were Sammie Zuel 272, Jayden Raeder 270, JR McDonough 264, Ramisis Celander259, Brooklynn Beal 258, and Stuart Masters 258.

Placing for High School were Sammie Zuel 1st, Jayden Raeder 1st, JR McDonough 3rd, Beka Peek 3rd, Ramisis Celander 4th, Brooklynn Beal 4th, Stuart Masters 5th and Whitney Barber 5th.

Archers of the Week were Sammie Zuel and Jayden Raeder. Zuel shot her personal best in 3D with a score of 272, and this is her 4th year in archery. Raeder shot a 270, which is his best 3D score. He has been in archery for five years. “Awesome job you two!! Keep aiming small,” Coach JD McDonald said.

The Chariton Middle School Archery team placed 1st with a score of 1,505. High team scores were Baylor Atwell 269, Bailey McReynolds 257,Gage Hart 247, Mason Smith 246, Landen Martin 246,and Mara Maupin 240.

Placing archers were Baylor Atwell 1st, Bailey McReynolds 1st, Mara Maupin 2nd, Gage Hart 4th, Peyton Graham 4th, Mason Smith 5th and Nevaeh Ruble 5th.

Read the March 10, 2020 edition of the Chariton Leader for the rest of the story.

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