On Sept. 19, the Chariton Middle School 8th grade football team charged Reynolds Field to challenge a large group of Blue Demons from the east.

This year’s CMS squad consisted of 18 gritty players. But on that hot and humid evening, only 12 Charger players could take the field due to players being sick or injured. The 12 young men who were able to play fought hard through the whole game, but the heat and size of the Blue Demons proved too much, on this day for our mighty band of brothers.

They were on the field the whole evening, and by halftime the Chargers were down 44-0. But, the small group of Chargers stuck together the second half and continued to fight. And over the next two quarters, the Chargers held the ball on offense.

And with only seconds left in the fourth quarter, Mason Smith hit Cutler Arnold with a 20-yard touchdown pass for the Chargers first and only score of the evening.

“I’m really proud of the way our team fought adversity today. We stuck together and left everything on the field. Even with all the obstacles, we only had three penalties. We hope to get everyone back next week, so we can prepare for last year’s undefeated 7th grade conference champions, Clarke of Osceola,” Chariton Head Coach Perry Lane said.

On Sept. 26, the Chargers met Clarke on their home field. After a good week of practice, Chariton felt prepared and confident they could move the ball and play good defense. However, Clarke’s overall size and speed was hard to match.

At times, Chariton ran the ball well with Kasyn Paige leading the rushing attack, and they completed a few passes, but they could never sustain a drive and never found the end zone. The final score was 54-0, Clarke.

“Even though it doesn’t seem as though we are making progress in the win column, our kids are making progress in their knowledge of the offense and defense. They are able to communicate with each other better on the field. And, grasping the mental side of the game will help them as they begin to catch up with these teams, physically, as they get older,” Coach Lane said.

As the Chargers entered their third game of the season, on the road, they were a little beaten up. The Creston Panthers were a big, fast and physical team, and would be the toughest opponent of the season.

The Chargers battled hard throughout the game and had some real bright spots during the game. Creston had the ball on the Charger two-yard line, and they were looking to score again, when Mason Smith caused a fumble and the Chargers recovered.

On another play, the Chargers had Creston backed up on their own two-yard line when their running back broke loose for a long run. But, Paige ran him down at the Chargers two-yard line.

Read the November 21, 2019 edition of the Chariton Herald-Patriot for the rest of the story.

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