History was made on Saturday with the opening of the first ever Dog Park in Chariton. A Grand Opening and ribbon cutting was held at the park, which is in Franklin Park at the corner of N. 16th St. and Franklin Avenue in western Chariton.

Four members of the Chariton Dog Park Committee were present including Jena Wiley, MaryAnne Morgan, Amy Poncelow and Sarah Esper. Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois was also present along with Chariton City Council member Ruth Smith and Chariton Parks and Recreation Director Travis Young.

“We’re excited to have everyone here. You the public have supported our fundraisers over the past three years and are the very reason the Dog Park exists. Thank you for your support,” Wiley said.

The Dog Park Committee is still trying to get funds for obstacle courses and benches. They eventually want to have a water fountain installed at the park as well.

There’s still children’s playground equipment installed on the grounds outside of the Dog Park including swings and a slide.

There are two fenced in areas including for dogs under 35 pounds and dogs over 35 pounds along with signage pointing to each area. There is also two dog waste station areas set up including one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. The Dog Park rules are posted up in the display case at the park. There’s also a phone number listed with the rules to call for any park issues that come up.

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