Scottish tubist joins Chariton band for Peanut Day

Jon Hodkin of Scotland plays his tuba with the Chariton Community Band during their performance on Peanut Day at the Lucas County Historical Society Museum in Chariton this past Thursday night.

The Chariton Community Band and Scottish cyclist and tuba player Jon Hodkin treated a packed audience with an entertaining and high quality concert performance at the Lucas County Historical Society Museum in Chariton Thursday night.

The concert was held in conjunction with the museum’s annual Peanut Day celebration, where people were able to enjoy roasted peanuts while listening to the music.

Hodkin is originally from England and now lives in the far northern part of Scotland. He performed with the band on his tuba Thursday night and also performed a couple of tuba solo pieces with band accompaniment that were both written by Scottish composers.

The first piece Hodkin performed was “Just Visiting” by Katrina Gordon and the second piece was “Fugue from Suite for Tuba” by William Gilmour and arranged by Brian Mitchell.

Back in 2000, Hodkin started the idea of a cycle touring musical show, and InnerTuba was born. He has triked across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland since then performing free concerts.

“I have pedalled my shows for thousands of miles, and now am making my international debut,” Hodkin said.

Read the July 16, 2019 edition of the Chariton Leader for the rest of the story.

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