Best Kept Secret Award-Canine Tactical of Iowa

Joshua Morton, Canine Tactical of Iowa

Canine Tactical of Iowa was presented with the 2019 Best Kept Secret Award at the Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street’s annual meeting this past Friday night.

Kristine Kennedy, who is on the Chamber/Main Street’s Organization Committee, spoke about Canine Tactical of Iowa before presenting the with the award.

“Have you ever wondered why there are multiple law enforcement vehicles from out of town parked at a specific house or business in Chariton? Chances are they are here working with Joshua Morton, owner of Canine Tactical of Iowa. Canine Tactical provides superior working dogs, training and products to Law Enforcement, the military and civilians,” Kennedy said.

Read the June 13, 2019 edition of the Chariton Herald-Patriot for the rest of the story.

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