On Saturday, April 25, a long line of vehicles caravanned down Smith Street in Russell to wish Sullivan “Sully” Carroll a “happy birthday!” Golf carts, cars, bikes, and even a fire engine were all a part of the celebration.

No, Sully isn’t Russell’s mayor, although his grandpa Duane Bedford used to hold that title. No, he isn’t recovering from cancer, although that could be said about his great aunt Janet and his brother Finn. And no, he isn’t a talented artist or former schoolteacher like his mother Ashley Carroll or his grandma Cindy Bedford.

Truthfully, Sully Carroll was just turning three years old, but the occasion gave the town of Russell something to celebrate and smile about in the midst of Covid’s daily depressing news. Sully’s family, like so many other families, has experienced disruptions to their normal way of life. His big brother Finn is currently in remission from leukemia with 15 months of treatments left. Because of his compromised immune system, the family has been taking every precaution to keep him healthy and unexposed to the Covid virus.

Dad, Devon Carroll, has been working in Des Moines for ADB, a branch of the Keeley Company. With Finn’s vulnerability foremost in mind, Devon has chosen to stay in Des Moines until the worst of the outbreak is over. Every weekend the family meets him halfway between there and Russell to take him things and to see him in person, all the while social distancing. It hasn’t been easy, but Face-timing helps keep him close.

Read the May 5, 2020 edition of the Chariton Leader/Herald-Patriot for the rest of the story.

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