Amy Klobuchar speaks at the Iron Horse Grill in Chariton

2020 Democratic presidential campaign candidate Amy Klobuchar.

2020 Democratic presidential candidate and current Minnesota U.S. senator Amy Klobuchar made a campaign stop in Chariton when she spoke followed by a meet and greet at the Iron Horse Neighborhood Grill this past Friday afternoon. It was standing room only in the back portion of the restaurant as Klobuchar touched on a variety of issues and answered some questions afterwards.

In the introduction he gave for Klobuchar, Lucas County Democrats Chairman Jim Zastawniak stated that she is the first woman to have ever been elected senator in Minnesota and she was re-elected by a 24-point margin for her third term.

Zastawniak also said that Klobuchar is pro choice, supports the LGBT community along with the Affordable Care Act, Klobuchar was also against the Iraq War.

Klobuchar spoke about the need to unite people during and after the 2020 election and about restoring trust in government. “We have a president now in Donald Trump who everyday shatters peoples’ trust in government. We must cross the river of divide to get to a higher plane in our politics. As the late Senator John McCain said, ‘There’s nothing in life more liberating than fighting for a cause higher than yourself,’” Klobuchar said.

Klobuchar said that more than anything, the 2020 election is a values check, a patriotism check and a decency check due to the conduct of the current president in office. “People don’t want a president who says such wild things so that when they have the TV on, they turn the volume down so their kids won’t hear what he has to say,” she said.

Read the December 10, 2019 edition of the Chariton Leader for the rest of the story.

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