At their meeting May 4, the Chariton City Council approved to submit a grant application for the Chariton Splash Pad project to Variety, which is the name of the children’s charity in Des Moines for the Chariton Splash Pad. The Splash Pad will be located in the old sand pit next to the Vredenburg-Chariton Family Aquatic Center.

Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois said that the grant is due on May 22 and that the city staff is requesting $300,000 for the Splash pad project from Variety.

The City of Chariton may not receive the grant or they may receive it for an amount anywhere between $0 and $300,000. “We’ll know by the end of August or early September if we’ll get the grant. I would be thrilled if we receive $300,000,” Liegois said. Variety is known for funding playgrounds and other needs for children of all backgrounds and needs.

The City of Chariton and the SPLASH Youth group are working on locating funding resources for the City of Chariton’s Splash pad project. Liegois told the council that the city has recently been notified of $75,000 in funding to be received from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Land and Water Quality Funds for the Splash pad project. Finalizing of the resources will be coming in the upcoming months.

Along with the IDNR grant, a recent meeting was held to discuss fundraising ideas and additional grants for the Splash Pad project. “The SPLASH Youth group is supposed to come up with ideas for community fundraisers and the city will also be accepting donations for the project,” Liegois said.

Read the May 12, 2020 edition of the Chariton Leader/Herald-Patriot for the rest of the story.

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