Mariah Pierschbacher of the Chariton RAGBRAI Committee gave the Lucas County Board of Supervisors a final update on how RAGBRAI went when it came through Chariton at their meeting this past Wednesday morning.

Pierschbacher gave the update instead of RAGBRAI Committee Co-Chairperson Dave Hendricks, who was in Minneapolis, Minn., this past Wednesday.

Pierschbacher told the supervisors how the county’s as well as the city’s participation was important in Chariton being a pass through town for RAGBRAI this year.

“Even though the main area of the event was on the Chariton square, the county’s participation was vital to the overall event taking place in the community,” Pierschbacher said.

Pierschbacher also said that she thought RAGBRAI was a great event for the Chariton community. She also told the supervisors that the Chariton RAGBRAI Committee has a file containing all of their resources that are used to put on the event.

“If the county has any questions or concerns about RAGBRAI to add to that file, we would appreciate to know what those questions or concerns are,” Pierschbacher said.

Read the August 13, 2019 edition of the Chariton Leader for the rest of the story.

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