Nursing home resident Jones reflects on her 99 years of life

Chariton Specialty Care resident Beatrice ‘Bea” Jones sits in her room at the nursing home on her 99th birthday this past Thursday afternoon. In the background at the left are the two dozen roses her son, Don Jones, and his family in Florida sent her for her birthday.

This past Thursday Chariton Specialty Care/Care initiatives (nursing home) resident Beatrice “Bea” Jones turned 99 years old.

Although Jones is 99, she is anything but old. She still looks young and could pass for 70 years old easily and is still in very good health. She stopped driving a car when she was 98, not because she had to, but through her own choice.

“I just sold my van then and decided not to drive anymore,” Jones said.

She also told the secret of her longevity.

“I’m a Christian and I love the Lord and I trust him with all the cares I have,” she said. Jones has also never drank or smoked and has taken good care of herself throughout her 99 years.

She also said that when she was younger she used to take part in different athletic activities such as ice skating, snowmobiling, bowling and cross country skiing.

Jones uses her walker to get around and she still likes to crochet and knit and decorate. She also likes to take part in the different activities put on at the nursing home including bingo.

“Chariton Specialty Care is a wonderful place for Bea because she loves people and they love her. She is a people person that gets along well with others,” said her younger sister, Chick McKinley, who is 90 and serves as Bea’s caregiver. Chick was present for the interview as well and will turn 91 next month.

Jones had 11 children in her family growing up including four boys and seven girls. Three of the girls and one boy are still living.

Along with Bea and Chick, the other sister that’s still living is Florence, who is 88 and lives in Colorado. Her brother Marvin is still alive too and is 93 and lives in Oskaloosa.

Read the November 19, 2019 edition of the Chariton Leader for the rest of the story.

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