Dr. Greg Cohen

Dr. Greg Cohen

The American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP) recently honored Greg Cohen, DO with the Distinguished Fellow Award during the 2019 Annual Convention.

The award recognizes exceptional members of the Conclave of Fellows who have shown exemplary contributions to ACOFP governance and committees, as well as consistent attendance at state and national ACOFP meetings. The award is conferred on founder and active members after review and approval by the Executive Council of the Conclave of Fellows and by a majority vote of the ACOFP Board of Governors.

The criteria for the Distinguished Fellow Award includes contributions in four of the following five requirements since their Fellow induction year: academic service, Fellows sponsorship, financial support of ACOFP, national ACOFP committee service and state or local service. In addition, each candidate must have attended a minimum of at least 20 ACOFP or ACOFP/AOA national conventions since the Fellow’s induction year.

Read the April 9, 2019 edition of the Chariton Leader for the rest of the story.

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