Chariton Recreation Department Supervisor Travis Young provided the Chariton City Council with a recreation update at their meeting Jan. 21. Young covered four areas in his report including the community center, parks, swimming pool and winter sports.

In regards to the Chariton Community Center, Young said that after it was decided to charge more for renter’s deposit after 9 p.m. that there were far less problems in the community center gym and meeting rooms during the holiday season.

“I’m very impressed with all the supervisors right now for their efforts and they way they’ve kept things running smoothly with all the chaos of the busy winter months up to this point,” Young said.

Young also spoke about possible upgrades that could be made to the community center this spring with money left in the current fiscal year’s budget. Some upgrade items that Young mentioned could be done are painting the walls inside the gym and meeting rooms, new carpet in the meeting rooms, or new chairs and tables that will replace outdated ones.

In regards to parks, Young said that he’s currently analyzing what needs to be replaced at certain parks and which parks could use the most care.

“It’s obvious that Brook Park, North Park and Franklin Park could all use new equipment. These areas are each great candidates to start focusing on for new equipment,” Young said.

In regards to the swimming pool, Young said that there are many things keeping him busy right now. He said he is currently working on a grant that he’s hopeful will assist in buying new lounge chairs doe the pool.

“I think that new lounge chairs have been a borderline need at the pool over the last couple of years,” Young said.

Young also said that he will soon be sending out invitation letters to lifeguards who have previously worked there to gauge their interest in coming back to the pool for the upcoming season.

“I will be sending out close to 15 letters with the expectation that I’ll have a strong incoming freshman class from the high school,” Young said.

Interviews for lifeguards will begin at the end of March once all applications have been accepted.

Young is also waiting to hear back from an ACCO Unlimited representative on a firm price to fix the leak in the water slide pit area at the pool that was discussed at the Jan. 7 city council meeting.

Read the January 31, 2019 edition of the Chariton Herald-Patriot for the rest of the story.

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