Biden is winner of 2020 Lucas  County Democratic caucus

Trae Hall holds up his caucusing for Bernie Sanders sign at the Lucas County Democratic Caucus at Johnson Auditorium Monday night. (Bill Howes photo)

The Lucas County Democratic caucuses were held at several locations in Lucas County Monday night. Despite the statewide confusion in tabulating Democratic caucus results, people very clearly made their voices heard in Lucas County about which candidates they support and why for the 2020 presidential election. Joe Biden was the overall winner in Lucas County receiving 66 votes and 17 delegates. Bernie Sanders finished second in the county with 56 votes and 12 delegates. Pete Buttigieg was third with 34 votes and nine delegates. Amy Klobuchar was fourth with 28 votes and seven delegates. Elizabeth Warren was fifth with 27 votes and five delegates. Tom Steyer was sixth with seven votes and two delegates and Andrew Yang was seventh with six votes and two delegates. There were no resolutions discussed or voted on for the county platform at the Democratic caucus. Resolutions for the platform will be discussed and decided upon along with the platform itself at the Lucas County Democratic Convention on March 21. At the caucus held in Johnson Auditorium inside the Chariton Community Center, the newspaper asked people at random who they supported for president in 2020 and why. John Murphy and Jack Cavanaugh are both Tom Steyer supporters.

Read the January 6, 2020 edition of the Chariton Herald-Patriot for the rest of the story

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