Chariton Task Force faces daunting task of upgrading square's sidewalks

The Chariton Sidewalk Task Force discusses the pros and cons of different plans for improving the Chariton town square’s sidewalks. Participating (clockwise from bottom left) were Jill Kerns, Alyse Hunter, Laura Liegois, Katie Wilson and Ruth Smith.

On Thursday, Aug. 8, the Chariton Sidewalk Task Force Committee met at the Chariton Area Chamber/Main Street office to follow up with City Manager Laura Liegois. Participating in the meeting were Alyse Hunter, Jill Kerns, Liegois, Ruth Smith, and Katie Wilson.

Liegois stated that the committee was meeting to discuss the following questions:

• What’s our next step?

• What are we going to do?

• Is this what we really like?

• Is this the final design that we want to sell to the public?

• Do we need another design?

• Do we look at the edges that complete the square?

• What areas have the most foot traffic and what areas need the most work?

A figure of $822,000 of city expense was mentioned as to what it would cost for concrete work and also to have abandoned rooms under the sidewalks removed in order for the work to be done right. If funding was raised for brick pavers to be bought and laid at the square’s corners and intersections of the alleys, then that would not be a city responsibility and the cost would be lowered to $720,000.

As for lighting upgrades, Alliant Energy would be working with the city to bring in new light poles for the area around the square. Genus Landscaping has provided a pole for possible consideration.

Read the August 13, 2019 edition of the Chariton Leader for the rest of the story.

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