At their meeting Jan. 6, the Chariton City Council approved by resolution to accept the property at 1421 Ashland Ave. in Chariton as a gift from the property’s owner, Catherine Hall, to the City of Chariton.

Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois explained that the property at 1421 Ashland Ave. has been a topic of discussion for the Chariton City Council in the past as a property of concern. She also said the City of Chariton has sent violations to the property owner and has been in court numerous times regarding the property.

Liegois said that the property’s owner is no longer able to take care of the property and wanted to offer the property to the City of Chariton as a gift, which would remove her from having any further burden of the property. Hall has discussed gifting the property to the city with the city staff and city’s attorney several times in the past month.

The house at 1421 Ashland Ave. still has personal items of Hall’s in it. The city staff will work with Hall on a time frame to remove the items.

Liegois said they would like to have a plan for either demolition or a non-profit group to renovate the house.

“Most likely, the house will be demolished and will open a new lot for a new home to be built in Chariton. The lot is a buildable lot and has much potential for a new home,” Liegois said.

Read the January 14, 2020 edition of the Chariton Leader for the rest of the story.

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