First Lutheran Church members recall past and present memories

Seated from left: Susan Seuferer and Geneva Wilson and back from left: LuAnn Mosbach, Nancy Stansbery, Allison Krutsinger and Hunter Clark share their memories past and present of attending and serving in First Lutheran Church in Chariton.

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth and final story in a four-part series about the First Lutheran Church in Chariton, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

On Feb. 18, 2019, a third group of First Lutheran members were interviewed. Susan (Patterson) Seuferer, Sarah (Stansbery) Peterson, Nancy (Aulwes) Stansbery, Allison (Kuball) Krutsinger, Geneva (White) Wilson, LuAnn (Wilson) Mosbach, and Hunter Clark are all individuals who had been confirmed as youth at a Lutheran church. Although babies are baptized in the Lutheran church, young people must attend several years of confirmation classes in order to understand and make a personal statement of faith in order to become a contributing member of the congregation.

Sarah Peterson attended First Lutheran as a baby all the way through high school before moving out of town. She remembers having an individual mentor who came to her confirmation classes in 1999 and would relate what she and seven others were being taught to how they could practically apply it. Also, one had to take notes during Sunday services with the additional task of stating how one would apply the sermon’s content.

Nancy Stansbery moved from Maquoketa to Chariton and lived in the old Lutheran parsonage as a 7th grader. She recalls that the church was never locked, and that she would frequently go inside. As a child she was expected to go to church regularly and really worked to earn her “perfect attendance” pin. During Nancy’s college years, her attendance slacked off, but after having children she made “church going” a priority once again.

LuAnn Mosbach and Susan Seuferer participated in the same confirmation class in the early 1970’s during their 7th-9th grade years. They stated that The Apostles Creed was emphasized as well as The Nicene Creed and The Lord’s Prayer.

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