At their meeting Nov. 18, the Chariton Community School Board approved six requests for mid-term graduation and four requests for part-time student status. The mid-term graduation requests were approved pending completion of mid-term graduation requirements.

The mid-term graduation requests approved were for: Austin Ruth, Madison Ore, Erik Naumchyk, Kira Musick, Skyler Barning and Ashley Cornell.

The part-time student requests that were approved were for: Steven E. Adams, Sydney Hoeger, Austin Metzger and Christy Petty.

In order for each request to be approved, the student has to be present and make his or her request before the board.

Mid-term graduates or part-time students cannot participate in any school extra curricular activities, but they can still come to the prom if they wish.

The students requesting med-term graduation or part-time status and their reasons for wanting to do so are as follows:

Austin Ruth said that after he graduates in January, he plans to work to pay his bills and to help his family out with different things around the house. He also wants to save money before he heads to the Army in June. He is going to the Army for diesel mechanics and while he’s in the Army he will go to college to study mechanics.

Ruth said that he wants to find a good paying job and then open a diesel mechanics shop on the side.

Madison Ore said that after she graduates in January she plans to work full-time to save up money for college and to save up to get her own place to live. She plans to go to Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) to study to become either a paramedic assistant or physical therapy assistant.

Erik Naumchyk said that after he graduates in January, he plans to work at Hy-Vee and to also help his friend start up his own construction company. Naumchyk also wants to save money for college and a possible missionary trip. He plans to go to DMACC or Kirkwood Community College to study Nursing.

Kira Musick said that after she graduates in January, she plans to work full-time so that she can save money for college. She currently works at Hy-Vee HBC (Health and Beauty Cosmetics) in Chariton and at Last Chance in Russell. She lives on her own and attends school while maintaining two jobs. She said that she thinks graduating early will be able to help her to work more hours to save money for college.

Read the November 28, 2019 edition of the Chariton Herald-Patriot for the rest of the story.

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