LCHC Volunteer Services Program a key part of hospital's outreach

LCHC Volunteer Services Program Manager Kristine Kennedy speaks to Chariton Rotary about the volunteer services program at a Rotary meeting earlier this summer.

Kristine Kennedy, the Manager of Lucas County Health Center’s Volunteer Services program, gave a presentation on the volunteer services program at a Rotary Club of Chariton meeting earlier this summer. She told about different aspects of the program and the people it helps and gave volunteer numbers served in different areas and the number of volunteer hours that were amassed for different areas in 2018.

Kennedy and her husband, Brian, live in rural Chariton and have a six-year-old child. Brian is a deputy with the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office.

Rev. Fred Steinbach was in charge of the Rotary program that Kennedy spoke at and introduced her to the audience. He is a Rotarian and the priest of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Chariton.

Kennedy is in charge of the Chaplaincy Services program in which volunteers from different churches come and visit patients at LCHC each week. There are eight churches in the Chaplaincy Services program and two volunteers from one church come and visit the hospital on the week that they’re assigned.

The volunteers go to the nurse’s station at LCHC, which has a list of patients at the hospital at the time of their visit, and they try to visit as many of those patients as they can.

In a separate part of the volunteer services program, Kennedy said that the LCHC waiting room had 17 ambassadors in 2018 that donated over 12,000 volunteer hours and worked with over 9,000 patients.

Kennedy also serves on the local Homelessness Committee, which works on helping homeless people in Lucas County. The Homelessness Committee was formed about five months ago and Jill Kerns, the owner of Piper’s, is in charge of it.

Read the July 16, 2019 edition of the Chariton Leader for the rest of the story.

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