The Chariton Water Board held a discussion on the rules and regulations at Lake Ellis and Lake Morris at their meeting May 11.

Water Superintendent Brad Robbins said this topic came up at a meeting a couple of months ago and said that there are still rules and regulations for both lakes. He provided each board member with a sheet stating the rules and regulations, which are the same for both lakes, and they are as follows:

• No wood cutting without permission

• No camping permitted

• No swimming

• No littering

• No open fires or burning

• Electric trolling motors only

• All vehicles restricted to main roads

• No firearms discharged at any time except for shotguns

Board member Vern Vogel said it seems that different people seem to think there are no rules or regulations for each lake and that they can do whatever they want out there.

Right now neither lake has a sign stating what its rules and regulations are. “There used to be signs out there saying what the rules and regulations were. We do still have rules and regulations out there and they still apply,” Vogel said.

Vogel also said that the same rules that apply out at the lakes now are the same ones that applied back in 1964.

“Do you know what happened with the signs? Did they get taken down?” Board member Jim Burbridge asked Supt. Robbins.

“They just fell apart. They were taken down and were old and in disrepair,” Robbins said.

“Do we need to have the rules posted?” Board member Jamie Aulwes asked.

“I think we should post them. These are common sense rules,” Board member Jim Burbridge said in response.

Following the discussion, no action was taken on this topic except to say that the rules and regulations still apply for Lake Ellis and Lake Morris.

The water board also set up two meetings in May and June where the lakes will be discussed. The Water Board will have a work session about the lakes on Thursday, May 28, at 5 p.m. at the Chariton Water Office.

The Water Board will meet with the Chariton City Council about the lakes at the next regular Water Board meeting, which will be held Monday, June 8, at 5:30 p.m. at Chariton City Hall.

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