At their meeting Monday night, the Chariton City Council approved the conveyance of a gift of property next to Yocom Park in Chariton from Martin and Estela Biesemeyer, who are husband and wife, and Martin’s sister, Marcy Biesemeyer, to the City of Chariton.

Before the council approved the gift, Chariton City Manager Laura Liegois said that the property is located next to the tennis courts at Yocom Park and would make an excellent addition of land for future growth and planning at Yocom Park. She also said the property is kind of a wooded area and used to be a garden.

Liegois said in the past Martin, Estela and Marcy Biesemeyer have approached the City of Chariton about gifting the property next to the park to the city.

“The property has been in the Biesemeyer family for many years and Martin, Estela and Marcy are excited to have the property now go to the city to have it developed into the park in the future,” she said. Legois said after the meeting that the property could possibly be developed into the park in the next 3-5 years.

2019 Street Improvement project accepted as complete

The council also approved a resolution accepting the 2019 Street Improvement Project as complete. “It was a very successful project,” Liegois said.

The total cost of the 2019 Street Improvement project is $297,979.23. The council also approved payment #2 for the retainage release for the Street Improvement Project in the amount of $14,898.96.

Read the December 19, 2019 edition of the Chariton Herald-Patriot for the rest of the story.

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