Hendricks gives final RAGBRAI update

Chariton RAGBRAI Committee Co-Chairman Dave Hendricks listens to comments from the Chariton City Council during his final update about how RAGBRAI coming through Chariton went at their meeting Monday night.

Chariton RAGBRAI Committee Co-Chairman Dave Hendricks gave a final update to the Chariton City Council about how RAGBRAI went when it came through Chariton as a pass through town on July 24.

Hendricks told the council that the approximately $6,000 Chariton raised from RAGBRAI will go towards the Chariton town square sidewalk project. This money was raised from vendor fees, T-shirt sales, and there were some major sponsors that gave money for the purpose of RAGBRAI so the town would be well-funded.

“I want to thank the city council for letting us go ahead and do RAGBRAI. It turned out about as well as it could’ve turned out. I appreciate the confidence you put forth in allowing us to go ahead with having RAGBRAI come through here,” Hendricks told the council.

Hendricks said there were two main things he wanted to do with RAGBRAI coming through Chariton. One was to showcase Chariton as a town, and he said the very nice weather that day helped them do that. The second thing he wanted to achieve was local groups or merchants being able to make money on RAGBRAI when it came through here and a number of groups did this.

Hendricks also complimented Chariton Mayor Roger Manser and Council member Jayma Hoch for all the hard work they put forth on RAGBRAI. Manser and Hoch were on the Chariton RAGBRAI Committee and they were at every committee meeting. Hendricks also commended the Chariton Volunteer Fire Department for all the work they did as well.

Hendricks said that one negative about RAGBRAI coming through was that it divided Chariton into an east Chariton and a west Chariton and created traffic congestion while the event was here.

Read the August 8, 2019 edition of the Chariton Herald-Patriot for the rest of the story.

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